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Death, love and doing the right thing lessons in The Boy, The Bird and the Coffin Maker

Death, love and doing the right thing - great lessons in this magical middle grade book.

Inspiring read in A Cave in the Clouds, a Young Women’s Escape from ISIS

Powerful story that encourages love over hate.

The Little Snake is a quick, enjoyable read about friendship, love and death

Friendship, love, a snake and a new way to look at death.

Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined is a fabulous book, and one that needs to be read again

It's amazing how much damage we can do to those people who need us the most – our children. I understand depression – as much as someone who, thankfully, doesn't suffer from it can understand. I have been told when... Continue Reading →

It’s Christmas time so it’s time to read Christmas books including Richard Paul Evans

I have a pile of books I want/need to read but they are going to have to wait. It's November, Christmas is less than a month away and I am reading what I am always reading at this time of... Continue Reading →

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