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Lonely Planet Kids

Get your kids brains active this summer with these books and game from Raincoast Books

Keep kids learning this summer without realizing it with these books from Raincoast Books.

Just in time for Halloween – Lonely Planet Kids Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts

From La Llorona, found floating in bodies of water through Central and South America to doll spirits of Mexico, there are no shortage of monster and ghosts in this atlas.

Learn about the 40 strange creatures that live in in Earth’s oceans

Fascinating facts about some of the ocean's "strangest" creatures.

Lonely Planet Kids The Daredevil’s Guide to Outer Space offers fascinating information and beautiful pictures

Mix of real images and illustrations and lots of cool facts in Lonely Planet Kids The Daredevil's Guide to Outer Space.f

Bring on summer – road trips and playing outside

Month left until school is over - get your kids outside and off technology with these books and activities.

Activity books, dinosaur dominoes and conversation starters, perfect for your next road trip

Going away this weekend? These books and activities may help pass the time, without the use of technology.

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