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Spend an afternoon with a host of wonderful characters in The Agony of Bun O’Keefe

  I started and finished The Agony of Bun O'Keefe by Heather Smith ($21.99, Penguin Teen Canada) in one afternoon. Set in Newfoundland in 1986, Bun O'Keefe, who learned about life through VHS tapes her mother, a compulsive hoarder, brings... Continue Reading →

Beautiful, but heartbreaking story in Jaya and Rasa: A Love Story

I found Sonia Patel's Jaya and Rasa: A Love Story (PGC Books, Cinco Puntos Press) beautiful, but also absolutely heartbreaking. Each chapter offers a look at Jaya Mehta, a 17 year old who detests wealth, secrets and privilege although he... Continue Reading →

Transgender youth fights sexist dress code in The Pants Project: review

The Pants Project by Cat Clarke ($23.99, Raincoast Books, Sourcebooks Jabberwocky) was a wonderful book. The book is about a person named Liv (Not Olivia) who is transgender, “which a bit like being a transformer. Only not quite as cool... Continue Reading →

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