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100 Ways to Make the World a Better Place activity book – interview with Kirsten Liepmann

In this interview with Kirsten Liepmann, who wrote 100 Ways to Make the World a Better Place activity book with Karen Ng, she talks about the importance of children learning about and solving our big issues.

Stories of daring women, hope and strange creatures: picture books reviewed

I read some really great picture books this month, a mix of fiction and non-fiction including the beautiful book by Bahram Rahman and a unique one by Rachel Poliquin.

7 books to celebrate the achievements of women

March is Women's Month. Learn about women's achievements and celebrate their successes.

Mindfulness, the Most Important Mathematician You’ve Never Heard of and Voices of Justice: picture books reviewed

Mindfulness, woman mathematician (you never heard of before) and Voices of Justice picture books reviewed.

Shouting it from the rafters – The Lady with the Books is a must-read and the true story of Jella Lepman must be shared

An amazing story about an amazing woman, Jella Lepman, who saw the importance of books in helping children recover from the Second World War.

Halloween, Disney villains, a ghost story, night and hugs – books reviewed

Halloween is a perfect time for a ghost story for the middle grade set, with picture books about bed, witches, hugs and Disney Villains.

Learn about the Criminals of the Animal Kingdom in this super fun kids book

Learn about animals who are being charged with various crimes and the reasons why in this picture book from Kids Can Press.

Embracing the outside and celebrating neighbours – picture books reviewed

More beautiful picture books reviewed from Kids Can Press and Raincoast Books featuring books about loose, new friends and dreams.

Learning lots of new information thanks to picture books from Kids Can Press and Raincoast Books

Learn about nature and protecting it and why we cry with these Kids Can Press and Raincoast Books picture books.

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