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Learning about the world’s first female rabbi – born almost 500 years ago

Learn about the world's first female rabbi, born almost 500 years ago in the MIddle East in this picture book.

Learning more about Anne Frank in DK’s Life Stories children’s biography

DK Books' Life Stories about Anne Frank offers a great way for children to learn about Anne and her family.

The Secret of Gabi’s Dresser is a good read for kids just learning about the Holocaust

The Secret of Gabi's Dresser is a great read for kids just learning about the Holocaust. November is Holocaust Education Month.

Excellent read in Second Story Press’ A Fist Around the Heart

A Fist Around the Heart is an excellent read and touches on Jewish persecution, family, women's rights and mental health.

Beautiful, powerful and inspiring: To Look A Nazi in the Eye book review

To Look A Nazi in the Eye was a beautiful and powerful book, exactly what I would expect from Toronto's Kathy Kacer. Kacer, who I have interviewed for Book Time, has published a number of Holocaust-related books, both fiction and... Continue Reading →

Q&A with Toronto resident Kathy Kacer about Stones on a Grave

Reviews: Christmas titles

Q&A with Ella Burakowski about Hidden Gold, A True Story of the Holocaust

Reviews: Books about war and the Holocaust

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