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Q&A with Nicholas Oldland, creative director of Hatley clothing and author of books featuring Bear, Moose and Beaver

Bear, Moose and Beaver return in Nicholas Oldland's latest book Hockey in the Wild. I interview the author/illustrator/clothing maker in this Q&A.

Interviewing Canadian/Australian author Tara Moss about her latest book The War Widow, crime genre and human rights

"I’m fascinated by film noir, hard-boiled fiction and the true life stories of ordinary citizens who survived the hardships and upheaval of the mid-20th century": Tara Moss. Read my Q&A with this prolific author.

Author Tara Moss brings post-Second War Australia and her characters to life in her latest book The War Widow

Fast read, lots of action and great descrription in Tara Moss' latest book The War Widow set in post-Second World War Australia.

Action-packed adventure in Dog Driven with the bonus of showcasing a new activity to try

New book by Terry Lynn Johnson offers adventure and excitement and a new pastime to try.

Q&A with picture book author Lana Button on bullying, teaching moments and COVID-19

Picture book author Lana Button talks bullying and the importance of not labelling children and life during COVID-19.

Q&A with Canadian illustrator/author Celia Krampien about her debut picture book Sunny

Canadian illustrator Celia Krampien talks about Sunny, her debut picture book.

A girl named Sunny, feeding the coos and keeping wild words, picture books reviewed

Some great picture books that you won't mind read over and over again.

Celebrating Canadian authors for #IreadCanadian Day

Feb. 19 is #IReadCanadian , a day to celebrate the amazing authors we have in this great country. Check out my list of authors and some of my book recommendations from them.

Hard read about a sad time in Canadian history: The Forgotten Home Child reviewed

Excellent read about a sad time from Canada's history.

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