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Learning about the world’s first female rabbi – born almost 500 years ago

Learn about the world's first female rabbi, born almost 500 years ago in the MIddle East in this picture book.

Two great books – The Immortal Boy and Just Like That reviewed

I recommend both this books, The Immortal Boy for young adults and Just Like that for the middle grade set.

Another amazing read by Lesley Crewe: The Spoon Stealer reviewed

Another amazing read by Lesley Crewe who created unforgettable characters.

Light Over London is a perfect beach read – easy to read, great characters and an interesting mystery

I was in the mood for a light read and somehow Light of Over London, by Julia Kelly fit the bill, which is weird considering the fiction book is set, partially, during the Second World War. Cara Hargraves is helping... Continue Reading →

Great characters, setting in Joanna Rees’ The Runaway Daughter

Set in the 1920s, we follow the story about a young lady, forced to commit a terrible crime, who flees to London, England, and reinvents herself, meeting a host of characters along the way.

Thanks to The Mozart’s Girl, this talented musician gets a chance to shine in this middle grade book

Mozart's talented sister Nannerl gets the deserved spotlight in The Mozart Girl.

The Secret of Gabi’s Dresser is a good read for kids just learning about the Holocaust

The Secret of Gabi's Dresser is a great read for kids just learning about the Holocaust. November is Holocaust Education Month.

Getting to know Natalya Pushkin, wife of Russian poet Alexander, in The Lost Season of Love and Snow

Learn about life for Russia's Natalya Pushkin and her poet husband Alexander Pushkin in this historical fiction new release from Raincoast Books.

The Lightkeeper’s Daughters is a beautiful book full of history and mystery

I absolutely loved The Lightkeeper's Daughters ($26.99, HarperCollins) by Thunder Bay resident Jean E. Pendziwole. The book tells the story of Elizabeth, whose mind is sharp, but her eyes no longer see. She fills the void with music and memories... Continue Reading →

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