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Interviewing Canadian/Australian author Tara Moss about her latest book The War Widow, crime genre and human rights

"I’m fascinated by film noir, hard-boiled fiction and the true life stories of ordinary citizens who survived the hardships and upheaval of the mid-20th century": Tara Moss. Read my Q&A with this prolific author.

Author Tara Moss brings post-Second War Australia and her characters to life in her latest book The War Widow

Fast read, lots of action and great descrription in Tara Moss' latest book The War Widow set in post-Second World War Australia.

Q&A with Her Secret Son author Hannah Mary McKinnon

Oakville resident Hannah Mary McKinnon talks about the stories running through her head and the process of writing in this Q&A.

Fast read that keeps you guessing in Hannah Mary McKinnon’s Her Secret Son

Her Secret Son is a fast read that is worth the time you will be thinking about it afterward.

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