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Graphic novel is based on a true story of Japanese-American internment camps during the Second World War

Great illustrations and a unique way to share information about a time in our past.

Reviews: Alien Nate graphic novel; Maya and the Rising Dark and The Night Gardener

Books for kids reviewed include pizza-loving aliens, gods and godlings and an ancient curse.

The Binkertons travel to Ancient Greece and see the original Olympic Games in this fun book

The Blinkerton kids find themselves in Ancient Greece during the Olympic Games in this Kids Can Press book.

Might Jack and Zita The Spacegirl combine forces in Ben Hatke’s latest graphic novel

Another fun graphic novel by author/illustrator Ben Hatke following the story of Mighty Jack and Zita the Spacegirl.

Action, adventure and adorable creatures in Frank Cammuso’s Edison Beaker graphic novel

Action, adventure and Underwear in this Viking graphic novel.

Q&A with Toronto’s Tory Woollcott about Science Comics, the brain and the making of neuroscientists

In this Q&A with Torontonian Tory Woollcott we learn about brains, the author's brain and science (of the brain),

Friendships, monsters and mayhem in Christopher Eliopoulous’ graphic novel Monster Mayhem

This graphic novel for middle graders is about friendship, monsters and mayhem.

Reviewing graphic novel: All Summer Long

All Summer Long graphic novel by Hope Larson is for kids 10 to 12.

Gordon, Ivy + Bean, space, superheroes and Legendary Ladies – books to keep your kids reading

Spend the rest of your summer break reading with your kids with these books.

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