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Escape from your living room into Karen Swan’s latest The Hidden Beach

Beautiful location, great characters and fast read in Karen Swan's latest The Hidden Beach.

A girl named Sunny, feeding the coos and keeping wild words, picture books reviewed

Some great picture books that you won't mind read over and over again.

Hard read about a sad time in Canadian history: The Forgotten Home Child reviewed

Excellent read about a sad time from Canada's history.

Author Tanya Lloyd Kyi talks about privacy, street artist named Banksy and IReadCanadian in this author Q&A

In this author chat, Tanya Lloyd Kyi talks about privacy, her writing process and #IReadCanadian

5 Questions for Toronto’s Jessica Westhead, author of Worry

Toronto author Jessica Westhead answers 5 questions about writing and her latest book, Worry.

Lots of great information about mythical beasts and magical monsters from around the world

Interesting information about mythical beasts and magical monsters found throughout the world.

The Binkertons travel to Ancient Greece and see the original Olympic Games in this fun book

The Blinkerton kids find themselves in Ancient Greece during the Olympic Games in this Kids Can Press book.

Summer vacation reads – reviewing The Book Thief, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and Anna and the Apocalypse

I read these three books on the beach, although I wouldn't consider them beach reads.

Vacation reads: The Daughter’s Tale, How to Hack a Heartbreak and This Moment is Your Life reviewed

From mindfulness to sexual harassment and the Holocaust, a variety of books were read this recent vacation.

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