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Set in a not to distant future, The Worlds in My Hands has great characters, story and message

Created as an art journal, The Words in my Hands follows the story of Piper, a Deaf woman who finally finds her way and her voice after being introduced to the Deaf community.

100 Ways to Make the World a Better Place activity book – interview with Kirsten Liepmann

In this interview with Kirsten Liepmann, who wrote 100 Ways to Make the World a Better Place activity book with Karen Ng, she talks about the importance of children learning about and solving our big issues.

Q&A with Rachel Salt, author of Your Plastic Footprint

In this Q&A, author Rachel Salt talks about the importance of learning about plastic and reducing the amount you use - and consume.

Q&A with author Christiane Dorion about her latest book Into the Forest and the power kids have to change the world

Q&A with Christiane Dorion about her latest book for kids - Into the Forest.

Erich Hoyt showcase Strange Sea Creatures in this coffee table book

You may want to stay out of the ocean - or at least stay on the surface - after reading Strange Sea Creatures by Erich Hoyt.

Beautiful illustrations and message in Sophie Blackall’s If You Come to Earth

What a beautiful picture book in both illustrations and message. This is a book I will be giving as a gift, likely over and over.

The Last Lie continues the story created by Patricia Forde in The List

Don't read this review if you haven't read Patricia Forde's fabulous young adult dystopian book The List.

Reaffirming my belief that bats are amazing – DK’s The Bat Book reviewed

Bats are amazing and DK's The Bat Book proves it.

Amazing information, stunning photos in DK’s Smithsonian Explanatorium of Nature

Explanatorium of Nature is an up-close look at how our planet and its creatures work.

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