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Q&A with Jenn Fujikawa about Star Wars The Life Day Cookbook

All the recipes in Star Wars: The Life Day Cookbook were tested on Jenn Fujikawa's toughest critics - her kids. Read more about this cookbook and holiday traditions inspired by the Star Wars galaxy.

Q&A with Rose Reisman about her latest cookbook Food Revolution

I interview Rose Reisman about her latest cookbook, Food Revolution, with recipes inspired by Canada's Food Guide.

6 questions for Bob Blumer about his latest cookbook, Flavorbomb: A rogue guide to making everything taste better

Bob Blumer's latest cookbook helps the new and seasoned cook create flavourbombs - dishes bursting with flavour. He answers 6 question in this Q&A.

Delicious-sounding recipes and photos and funny introductions – lots to love in Suzie Durigon’s Just Crumbs Baked cookbook

It might be a problem - so many delicous sounding recipes in Suzie Durigon's Just Crumbs Baked cookbook.

DK’s Children’s Cookbook and eat, feel fresh, a plant-based Ayurvedic cookbook reviewed

Lots of pictures and a variety of recipes in the Children's Cookbook, while eat feel fresh offers tons of information and unique dishes to create.

Can’t go wrong with a cookbook full of dessert – DK’s Keto Sweet Tooth Cookbook reviewed

All the desert recipes you have every wanted to make created keto-style by Aaron Day (no relation).

I am going vegetarian – occassionally – thanks to DK’s the vegetarian cookbook

the vegetarian cookbook by DK is going to do what no other cookbook has done before - help me eat less meat.

DK’s Modern Flexitarian cookbook offers the commitment-shy choices – vegetarian, vegan or meat

This full-colour DK cookbook offers you a choice - vegetarian, vegan and meat.

The Munchy Munchy Cookbook offers part comic book, part joke book and a lot of cooking knowledge

The Munchy Munchy Cookbook for Kids by Pierre A. Lamielle ($28.70, Raincoast Books, Familius LLC) is one the most unique cookbook I have seen. The full-colour cookbook offers “essential skills and recipes every young chef should know” but also offers... Continue Reading →

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