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Start your child’s day with Bud Sprout Bloom, affirmation cards to help kids feel good and boost confidence

No one is too old to be reminded how wonderful they are. Bud bloom sprout affirmation cards were created by a Toronto mom who wants to help children love themselves.

Fascinating look at the lives of boys and girls throughout the ages in DK’s A Child Through Time

Learn about boys and girls throughout the ages in this DK book.

Lunch Box Letters bring a little joy to a dreaded school-time task

Lunch making sucks. Add a little joy with these Lunch Box Letters from Firefly Books.

Students are raising their voices to ensure the Holocaust and its victims are never forgotten

Students from Canada, the U.S. and Europe become the voice of the 11 million people murdered in the Holocaust.

Good versus evil in Lint Boy, a graphic novel for kids

Lint Boy by Aileen Leijten ($23.99, Raincoast Books, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) is a strange book. A graphic novel about good versus evil, Lint Boy tells the story of Lint Boy and his brother Lint Bear who live in their cozy... Continue Reading →

Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined is a fabulous book, and one that needs to be read again

It's amazing how much damage we can do to those people who need us the most – our children. I understand depression – as much as someone who, thankfully, doesn't suffer from it can understand. I have been told when... Continue Reading →

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