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Q&A with Mary Beth Leatherdale, author of the picture book Terry Fox and Me

In Mary Beth Leatherdale's latest book, she shares the story of friendship between Terry Fox and his friend Doug Alward. Learn more in this author Q&A.

Reviewing Alice Kuipers’ Always Smile: Carley Allison’s Secrets for Laughing, Loving and Living

Teenager Carley Allison battled a rare form of cancer and inspired people around the world to always smile. Sadly, the Toronto teen died of cancer. This is her story.

On A Beautiful Day is another great book by author Lucy Diamond

That's two for two – so far I have loved everything I have read by Lucy Diamond. I loved The House of New Beginnings and I also really enjoyed On A Beautiful Day ($20.78, PGC Books, Pan MacMillan) , about... Continue Reading →

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