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Chatting to Canadian artist Mike Holmes about My Own World

I interview Mike Holmes, a Canadian author and illustrator whose debut graphic novel My Own World came out June 22.

Q&A with Rose Reisman about her latest cookbook Food Revolution

I interview Rose Reisman about her latest cookbook, Food Revolution, with recipes inspired by Canada's Food Guide.

Loving Rose Reisman’s latest cookbook – Meal Revolution

I am excited about cooking - and eating - thanks to Rose Reisman's Meal Revolution.

Q&A with author Christiane Dorion about her latest book Into the Forest and the power kids have to change the world

Q&A with Christiane Dorion about her latest book for kids - Into the Forest.

Delicious-sounding recipes and photos and funny introductions – lots to love in Suzie Durigon’s Just Crumbs Baked cookbook

It might be a problem - so many delicous sounding recipes in Suzie Durigon's Just Crumbs Baked cookbook.

Q&A with picture book author Lana Button on bullying, teaching moments and COVID-19

Picture book author Lana Button talks bullying and the importance of not labelling children and life during COVID-19.

Bizarre, eerie and interesting – another great book by Canadian Marina Cohen

Toronto author Marina Cohen writes another interesting and bizarre book for middle graders.

Fast read that keeps you guessing in Hannah Mary McKinnon’s Her Secret Son

Her Secret Son is a fast read that is worth the time you will be thinking about it afterward.

Q&A with Jessica Young about her interactive children’s books and the world of writing

Read a Q&A with Thunder Bay born, Tennessee living children's author Jessica Young.

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