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Back-to-school reading – all about bugs present and extinct

Bugs today are gross - learn about the ones you can find outside your house and ones that roamed the Earth before man.

Get answers to 100 questions posed by kids in Ask a Scientist by DK

Get 100 answers to questions asked by kids from around the world in this DK book.

DK’s How to Be Good at Maths has done the impossible – make math concepts easy to understand

DK Book's offers a visual guide to math concepts for those in grades 2 to 5.

Reviews: back-to-school books and those that feature animals

Back-to-school books Amazing Visual Math DK Books, Open to discover, build to discover, fold to find out, turn to learn, flip to reveal and lift to explore Editor’s Note: My son and I love this book, as did my... Continue Reading →

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