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Q&A with Philippa Joly about her book A Kids Guide to Plants of the Pacific Northwest

I interview Philippa Joly about her first book, A Kid's Guide to Plants of the Pacific Northwest. Joly talks about the importance of kids and adults connecting with plants and the outdoor world around them.

Earth Day: Celebrating The Science & Superpowers of Seaweed and the importance of harvesting it sustainably

In this Q&A, Vancouver Island author Amanda Swinimer talks about The Science & Superpwoers of Seaweed, both the book and the health benefit of seaweed, which in in Earth's oceans.

Changing preconceptions: Q&A with Preconceived podcast host Zale Mednick (book)

In this interview, podcast host Zale Mednick talks about Preconceived - the podcast and the book, which challenges the preconceptions “that shape how we view the world and the paradigms by which we live our lives.”

Chatting with Canadian author David Michael about his book Love Will Out – A Newfoundland Story

I interview David Michael, the author of Love Will Out - A Newfoundland Story, about the unusual love story of his parents, that is five love stories revolving around the same central story.

Interview with Canadian author Lesley Crewe about writing, Montreal, and the ordinary moments of life

In my latest author interview, Canadian author Lesley Crewe talks about the childhood memories, Expo '67 and Nosy Parker, her latest slice-of-life book.

#IReadCanadian Day – new interview with Naseem Hrab and Kelly Collier

Today is #IReadCanadian Day and I interview two Canadian authors, Naseem Hrab and author/illustrator Kelly Collier. The pair collaborated on the new picture book How to Party Like a Snail, from OwlKids Books.

Q&A with Canadian author Judy Penz Sheluk

I interview former York Region author Judy Penz Sheluk about her background as a journalist and editor and her full-time job as an author, writing mysteries.

Interview with Toronto author Laura Alary about her picture book The Astronomer Who Questioned Everything (Maria Mitchell)

I was fascinated to learn that the American astronomer Vera Rubin first realized that women could be astronomers when she read a children’s book about Maria Mitchell! Years later, when it was time for her to apply to university, she chose Vassar College because she remembered that Maria Mitchell had once taught there, and she figured it would be a welcoming place for women in science. I love this because it shows how powerful a book can be in the life of a child. Read my Q&A with Toronto author Laura Alary.

Q&A with journalist Joyce Grant about new book that teaches kids (and adults) how to spot fake news

"If your child was going swimming, especially if the waters might be choppy, you’d give them a lifejacket and you’d teach them how to swim. Learning how to spot fake news, understanding why it’s not good and knowing what to do about it is like that. If our kids are going to dive into the choppy waters of the internet - and they are, whether we like it or not - we’d better make sure they know how to swim." I interview journalist and author Joyce Grant about her new book Can You Believe It? How to Spot Fake News and Find the Facts.

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