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Q&A with Her Secret Son author Hannah Mary McKinnon

Oakville resident Hannah Mary McKinnon talks about the stories running through her head and the process of writing in this Q&A.

Join Polly Diamond and Spell as they create a Super Stunning Spectacular School Fair

Go on a reading adventure with Alice Kuiper's Polly Diamond and he Super Stunning Spectacular School Fair.

On The Run in Ancient China with the Binkertons and Kids Can Press

Travel back to first century China with the Binkertons as learn about this ancient civilization.

Beautiful children’s books from Kids Can Press

The beginning of the teddy bear and the loss of a pet. Beautiful picture books from Kids Can Press.

Bring on summer – road trips and playing outside

Month left until school is over - get your kids outside and off technology with these books and activities.

Test your knowledge about everything with DK’s Knowledge Genius

Read the information, take the test and "become a knowledge Genius."

Put Manitoba and Saskatchewan on your to-see list with Firefly Books

You'll have a 110 new travel destinations in Manitoba and Saskatchewan thanks to Firefly Books.

Fast read that keeps you guessing in Hannah Mary McKinnon’s Her Secret Son

Her Secret Son is a fast read that is worth the time you will be thinking about it afterward.

Big words, fun words, small stories, great illustrations in The Traveling Dustball

Be irked while lollygagging around with Davey and Abigail in The Traveling Dustball.

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