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Kids fighting for their home and the world of feelings as shown by fish: middle grade and picture books reviewed

The world of emotions through fish, kids fighting for their home, making friends and flowers (and their friends). A middle grade and picture books from Pajama Press reviewed.

Powerful book: The Postcard by Anne Berest reviewed

Anne Berest writes a powerful story in The Postcard. In 2003, the Berest family receives an anonymous postcard with four names on it - Ephraim, Emma, Noemie and Jacque, who were all murdered at Auschwitz. Fifteen years later, Anne is "moved to discover who sent it and why."

Q&A with Philippa Joly about her book A Kids Guide to Plants of the Pacific Northwest

I interview Philippa Joly about her first book, A Kid's Guide to Plants of the Pacific Northwest. Joly talks about the importance of kids and adults connecting with plants and the outdoor world around them.

Earth Day: Celebrating The Science & Superpowers of Seaweed and the importance of harvesting it sustainably

In this Q&A, Vancouver Island author Amanda Swinimer talks about The Science & Superpwoers of Seaweed, both the book and the health benefit of seaweed, which in in Earth's oceans.

Reviewing The Pull of the Starts and The Youth of God

I read two great books this weekend, which I highly recommend, but both left me wanting more - or perhaps just different.

Changing preconceptions: Q&A with Preconceived podcast host Zale Mednick (book)

In this interview, podcast host Zale Mednick talks about Preconceived - the podcast and the book, which challenges the preconceptions “that shape how we view the world and the paradigms by which we live our lives.”

Reviewing The Inheritance Games and its equally fantastic sequel, plus Ready Player Two

First two books in The Inheritance Games series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes were fantastic from the moment you cracked them open.

The Magician’s Elephant, Come from Away and Our Missing Hearts reviewed

The Magician's Elephant is beautiful and magical. Come From Away, set in Nova Scotia during the Second World War, offers unique perspectives, while Our Missing Hearts was fantastic and a bit frightening.

Feelings of panic and anxiety – you should read None of this Serious

Despite the feelings of panic and anxiety, this coming-of-age young adult book is a great read.

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