It’s picture book Wednesday. Here are four great picture books.

Animal Move

In this picture book for two to five year olds, readers see all the ways baby animals move while also looking at children move the same way.

For example, Joeys hop across the page, while a little girl makes a similar move. Infants (baby baboons climb) and so to does a little boy on a ladder at a park. The bookends feature pictures and words of the adult animal and its baby, so you know, for example, baby porcupines are called porcupettes and baby enchidnas are … puggles! Adorable.

Author Jane Whittingham offers five ways to get your children to move and create at the end of this adorable book. The pictures of the kids are cute and the animals, equally (especially that puggle. Oh, my goodness).

Animal Move is from Pajama Press and retails for $19.95.

Love, Violet

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, comes the book about Violet whose heart skips every time she sees Mira, the one with the leaping laugh and who races like the wind. The only problem is every time Mira approaches, Violet goes shy. As Valentine’s Day approaches, Violet has an idea to show Mira how she feels. Will she be brave and share what’s in her heart or will she run away from potential adventures?

I think Violet is relatable. Sharing what’s in your heart is often not easy. I love that author Charlotte Sullivan Wild and artist Charlene Chua captures Violet’s panic and Mira’s kindness in both words and illustrations.

Love, Violet is from Raincoast Books and retails for $25.99.

What is Love?

A young boy goes out in the garden in the front of his house and asked his grandmother, What is love? The grandmother responds by saying she can’t tell him and instead encourages him to go out in the world and find out. The boy visits many people – a fisherman, an actor and even dog – each having a different answer to what love is. The boy travels for a long time before returning home and realizing he has his answer.

It’s an interesting idea for a book and I can imagine the great conversations between parents and children when they ask, “What is love?”

What is Love, by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Carson Ellis, is from Raincoast Books and retails for $24.99.

This is The Boat that Ben Built

As a parent, these types of repeating books are not my favourite to read, however, This is The Boat that Ben Built is definitely more fun both in words by Jen Lynn Bailey and illustrations by Maggie Zeng.

First, Ben is going down a river and he sees some great creatures – fish of course, but also a beaver, a loon, a grinning goose, a bear and moose, among others. But just when you think you can’t read the same words any longer, an owl “whoos on a whim and startles the heron all proper and prim,” and a chain reaction of disaster follows until Ben gets a surprise in his boat. At the end of the book, Bailey talks about the Northern River ecosystem and goes into information about the creatures she featured in her book.

The pictures are adorable.

This is The Boat that Ben Built is from Pajama Press and retails for $22.95.

A copy of these books was provided by Pajama Press
and Raincoast Books for an honest review. The opinions are my own.