If there was ever a time I wanted to be a knitter, it was today.

And that says a lot about Star Wars Knitting the Galaxy, the Official Star Wars Knitting Pattern Book by Tanis Gray, because any time I picked up knitting needles, I wanted to stab my eyeballs with them or at least chuck them – and the wool attached – across the room.

Knitting, crocheting, rug hooking – it’s never been my thing.

I sort of want it to be my thing now.

In this Insight Editions book, you can knit toys such as a Pocket Yoda and Death Star; Costume Replicas such as Luke Skywalker’s Flight Vest and Padme’s Battle Wrap; Inspired appeal such as an Ewok Hood or A Galaxy Far, Far Away Mittens; and Home Decor included the BB-8 Throw Blanket and the Villainous Mini Sweater Ornaments.

“In many ways, being a knitter is like being a Jedi: We use our crafty powers for good, instruct apprentices in the way of the Fiber, concentrate, and let the magic flow though fingers – albeit into our needles, not our lightsabers.”

Tanis Gray

Good stuff right there. The book also includes information about what you are knitting, some behind-the-scenes knowledge, stills and quotes from the movies as well as what your creation is supposed to look like at the end.

Each project includes the level – offered in number of lightsabers of course – as well as information such as size, yarn, needles, notions and gauge as well as, I am assuming, the necessary information needed to actually create the item mentioned.

As a note, Gray has also created a number of Harry Potter knitting books and a Disney one as well.

A copy of Star Wars Knitting the Galaxy was provided by Insight Editions
for an honest review. The opinions are my own.