Anyone who follows this blog knows as soon as Halloween is over, Christmas is happening.

I haven’t yet watched any Christmas movies, but I have started to listen to Christmas music and my Christmas book reading is going well.

I recently received three new Christmas books from Raincoast Books, one of which is my new favourite Christmas read so far.

All I Want for Christmas is Ewe

With a title like that, I am sure you can see where this adorable Christmas book by Rose Rossner and Gail Yerrill is heading.

If not, here is the back cover:

“Wish your little sugarplum a beary Merry Christmas with this sweet and punderful book! It’s a moo-velous way to celebrate the season and share your love for each otter.”

Hee, hee. This book makes me laugh. While I suspect the little ones won’t get it, it will make it that much more fun for the adults to read.

I love the illustrations.

All I Want for Christmas is Ewe is from sourcebooks wonderland and retails for $12.99.

Red and Green and Blue and White

Based on a true story, Isaac and Teresa are counting down to the holidays. Isaac is writing poems and Teresa is making art. They both love to play in the snow and believe there is no such thing as too many sprinkles. Isaac is helping his family decorate their big window for Hanukkah, while Teresa is helping her family trim the tree.

One night, someone throws are rock through Isaac’s window, dimming the menorah. Teresa decides to show her support for her friend, creating a menorah she places in front of her family’s Christmas tree. Soon, the entire town throughs their support behind the family showing that blue and white and red and green go great together. What a beautiful story. I don’t love that it happened, but I do love how the town rallied around its neighbours.

Red and Green and Blue and White is by Lee Wind and Paul O. Zelinksy and is from Levine Querido and retails for $20.49.

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas in Canada

In this retelling of the classic Christmas eve story, Canada and its cities are mentioned in the story as well as the illustrations. I am not a fan of this story in general and while this version is OK, it’s never going to make my re-read list. I do like the illustrations though. This is a series of books that offers the same format, different locations.

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas in Canada is from Hometown World, and retails for $16.99.

I bought a new Christmas book, and I am about a quarter way through.

It took me a bit to get into Courtney Cole’s The Christmas Dress as her writing was a bit different than I am used to. I have stuck it out, however, and so far I am glad I have. It has had some laugh-out-loud moments that left me chuckling through the rest of the chapter. Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.

And then there are my Christmas favourites.

Picture Books

Winter’s Gift by Jane Monroe Donovan – An old man wakes up on Christmas eve. His wife died earlier in the year, and he greats the season with sadness and without hope. Until something miraculous happens. Amazing story, great illustrations. Highly recommend it.

Merry Christmas, Squirrels by Nancy Rose – Rose creates the mini sets, stuffs them with nuts and waits for squirrels to show up to create her books. This one about squirrels getting ready for Christmas.

Stan Lee’s Superhero Christmas, illustrated by Tim Jessell – The Ice King kidnapped Santa and it’s up to two kids to save the holiday for everyone.

When Santa Was a Baby by Linda Bailey and Genevieve Godbout –  Ever since Santa let out his first ho, ho, ho, his parents knew he was destined for something special. Fun story, great illustrations.

Middle Grade

Young Scrooge, A Very Scary Christmas Story by R.L. Stine – is the Christmas Carol but for kids. Rick Scroogeman hates Christmas, and he isn’t a great person. All that changes when he is visited by three ghosts.


A Christmas Miracle by Virginia Henley, Katherine Kingsley, Rebecca Paisley and Stephanie Mittman features four romance short stories set around Christmas. I do not usually read romance, but these definitely fit that genre. The stories are all set in the past and are different from each other.

The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans is beautiful and heartbreaking and amazing. There are two other books in the collection, and while I have read them multiple times, they can be overwhelming. Richard Paul Evans has written a number of Christmas books and love them all, reading them every year.

The Christmas Clock by Kat Martin is a beautiful story about hope, forgiveness and family.

The Christmas Cookie Club by Ann Pearlman is a story of a group of women who get together every Christmas season to exchange news, share stories and cookies. Every woman has a unique story, which we learn about through the main character.