I had a whole list of things to do today. Instead, I picked up Karen Swan’s latest book – Midnight in the Snow – around 11 a.m. and about four hours later, I put it down again. The book was finished, but my to-do list hadn’t yet started. Oh well.

I am a fan of Karen Swan and her amazing ability to write a book a year, set around Christmas. Her latest releases usually kick off my Christmas reading, although her books aren’t what I would consider Christmas reads: Christmas plays a small part in the narrative and it’s more for timing than anything else.

This year’s book was a bit hard to get into. I was at about 173 pages before I was pulled in and then couldn’t get out, reading one more chapter until I figure I was almost a three quarters of the way through and why bother stopping then (oh yes, my list!). I usually give up on books that don’t hold my attention way sooner than that, but Swan so rarely disappoints, I thought I should keep going.

I am pleased I did because the story got exciting!

In this book we meet Clover Phillips, whose film about Cory Allbright and the accident that ended his surfing career is winning awards around the globe, until Cory is found dead.

“His widow needs answers and Clover promises to find out the truth about the day of the accident, turning her attention to the man responsible. Kit Foley. Now starting over as a snowboarder in the Austrian Alps, Kits wants nothing to do with Clover’s new film, but his sponsor has other ideas: soon Clover and her team are shadowing him on the slopes and in the chalet.”

Kit was a hard character to like, but you knew there was something more than what he was letting on. While I understand Clover’s desire to seek answers – when you write/film stories, the key players become part of your life – I found her relentless pursuit of Kit rather frustrating: she made up her mind about Kit and was looking for ways to prove her theory. To me, that is poor journalism and morally offensive – how about keeping an open mind and giving people the benefit of the doubt?

The tension between Kit and Clover is also hard to read. They hate each other and it drips off the page with neither one trusting each other. I couldn’t imagine living in that chalet and the battle of wills Clover had to deal with daily.

“When a revelation blow (Kit’s) secretive past wide open, Clover finally has her answers. Kit Foley is everything she ever said he was. Isn’t he?”

I guessed some parts, although not certainly all of them. It was interesting to see Clover think and puzzle through things and I really did enjoy the ending.

Midnight in the Snow is from PGC Books and retails for $24.99.

Midnight in the Snow was provided by PGC Books for an honest review. The opinions are my own.