Whether you are a child or an adult, if you know a child or an adult, An Emotional Menagerie, Feelings from A to Z is for you.

In this picture book from The School of Life Press, each letter of the alphabet gets an emotion attached to it. Each emotion is described as an animal in a poem that goes on to describe what the emotion feels like when you are experiencing it and even more important, how you can control it (when it comes to J for Jealousy) or embrace it and see what happens when you do (when it comes to D for daydreaming).

One of the many things I loved about this book (there is actually nothing I don’t love about it and many things that are amazing), is that the emotion is explained using words I may not have thought about, which made me nod my head in agreement. I also loved that the end stanza explained what you should do with that emotion. I found myself eagerly reading the poem so I could read the solution to it the emotion I often feel.

What is fun about the poem is that it describes the emotion in words that are attributes to whatever animal is being highlighted in the poem. So, for example P, which is for panic (and the first page I turned to when I received the book. At that time, I did feel like a chicken with its head cut off – figuratively. The chicken’s head was firmly attached to its body in the illustration, although I could see the panic in its expression).

“But when the going seems too tough,
We shouldn’t lose our heads (ha!)
But rather think deeply about
Reality instead.”

“If things go wrong, the world won’t end,
The sky itself won’t fall (Chicken Little),
And whilst there may be obstacles,
We’ll find ways through them all.”

While not everyone is a picture book fan, I firmly believe picture books are for every age and this book proves that, too. As it’s one double page per emotion, it doesn’t take a lot of time to learn about these emotions and how you can get them to work to your advantage.

If you are experiencing an emotion in this world of COVID that you may not have a word for, I bet it’s in this book and while it’s not going to immediately solve all your problems, it’s going to help you get through them.

And, “Remember you are loved.”

An Emotional Menagerie is $29.95. A copy of this book was provided
by The School of Life Press for an honest review. The opinions are my own.