Just Another Little Lie by Eve Ainsworth is quite heartbreaking.

Violet, who excels at school, is not doing well this year because she is keeping a secret – her mom is drinking a few too many glasses of wine the evening, playing music too loud and is often yelling at both Violet and her little brother Freddie. It’s Violet who is looking after her brother, making sure he gets dinner and to bed on time. More and more often, it’s Violet who takes her brother to school, making her late in the process.

“She wants to believe her mum when she promises that things are going to change, but is it just another little lie?”

As Violet’s mom spins out of control, you can see Violet desperately trying to keep what is happen at home a secret, pulling her further away from her friends and impacting her schoolwork. Violet doesn’t want to tell anyone – not her grandparents or her teachers. She tries to do everything herself, until she no longer can.

It’s an accurate portrayal, which lies the heartbreaking part. I can imagine there are lots of Violets out there who are trying to keep their families together when an adult can only think of her or himself. When I read these books to my son, I always make sure he sees the moral of these stories – kids don’t have to take on the world themselves and if they scared and worried, they need to speak to a trusted adult, which, in this case, isn’t their parent.

A great book and an important one to share.

Just a Another Little Lie is from PGC Books and retails for $17.95.

A copy of Just a Another Little Lie is courtesy of PGC Books for an honest review. The opinions are my own.