Happy Halloween. Happy fall.

Here are some picture books to celebrate fall.

It’s My Tree

Squirrel loves his tree and eating pine cones in the shade of HIS tree. But he comes to realize that other creatures may think his tree is actually their tree and while there are enough pine cones from one or two, there are certainly not enough for everyone. So Squirrel angrily claims the tree as his own thinking of ways to keep his tree HIS tree including building a giant wall ending in another wall. But then squirrel wonders what is on the other side of his wall, maybe nothing but maybe something better.

I loved this book so much. It’s funny. It has a great lesson. And illustrations are pretty fantastic. Squirrel means business. Squirrel’s expressions make me laugh.

It’s My Tree is written and illustrated by Olivier Tallec and is from Kids Can Press ($19.99).

A Unicorn Named Sparkle and the Pumpkin Monster

In this book we meet Lucy and her pet unicorn and they are going to a pumpkin farm where they go in a corn maze, play games and ate cupcakes. It’s then time to pick their pumpkin. Sparkle is scared, but Lucy loves the spooky tree, the creepy scarecrow and the scary Jack-o-lantern she creates. Sparkle does not, getting more and more scared until she runs away from Lucy and from everything that scares her.

Eventually, Lucy realizes that in order to be a good friend, she needs to remember the other person’s feelings.

A Unicorn Named Sparkle and the Pumpkin Monster by Amy Young ($24.50, Raincoast Books) is a cute story with a great message. There was some humour in the book as well as some wonderful magic. This is the fourth Sparkle book written by Young.

Little Goose’s Autumn

Little Goose’s Autumn is a beautiful picture book written by Elli Woollard and illustrated by Briony May Smith.

In the book we meet Little goose in the spring and watched as the seasons change, which leaves Little Goose feeling like there is something he needs to do. HE asks each of his woodland friends – beavers, squirrels and bears – what they do in winter, but soon realizes that he isn’t good at digging holes and making dens. Until one day when he realizes what he is called to do.

The story is lovely and the illustrations are beautiful.

Little Goose’s Autumn is $12.99 and from PGC Books.

The Nut that Fell from the Tree

The Nut that Fell from the Tree from Sangeeta Bhadra and illustrated by France Cormier starts with showing the house that Jill plays in. A falls from the tree, which is stolen by a rat, then a blue jay and then a sneaky raccoon, among other creatures. Each time the nut is stolen, the lines are repeated so you are reading “This is the Jay with feathers of blue that swooped in on the rat looking out from a shoe that stole the nut that fell from the oak that holds the house where Jill plays.”

This style of book is not my favourite to read. When I received these types of books for my son, I would skip re-reading each line. However, I liked that in this book, the nut eventually dropped, was buried by a squirrel and then holds the house that Jack built. His grandmother looks a lot like Jill at the beginning of the story.

And I do like the illustrations.

The Nut that Fell from the Tree is $19.99 and from Kids Can Press.

A copy of these books were provided by Kids Can Press, PGC Books and Raincoast Books for an honest review. The opinions are my own.