Interesting fact: “Yellow dye was once made using cow pee.”

Good to know. Thank you, DK’s The Steam Team Explains.

The book by Steve Steve Setford and Trent Kirkpatrick offers a look at “Key science concepts made simple and fun.”

The book provides information in several chapters including water, patterns and symmetry, states of matter, forces and motion and more.

At the beginning of the book, we meet the Steam team, which includes characters Science (a beaker); Technology (a phone); Engineering (some gears); Art (a fountain pen); and Math (a ruler).

The characters appear throughout the book, offering quick facts about the concepts on the page. There is a surprising amount of information on each page, presented through detailed illustrations and real photographs and short bits of text. It was easy to flip through and pick out information you may be interested in like dinosaur fossils, which included a real picture of a fossilized egg of an oviraptor and the head of a T. Rex, indicating its teeth were up to 12 inches long.

The chapters planets and bridges were pretty interesting and I was able to read a new piece of information on each page.

Math, science and engineering really aren’t my thing, so I was appreciative of the fact that science concepts were indeed made simple.

DK’s The Steam Team Explains costs $21.99. You can purchase it from . A copy of The Steam Team Explains was provided by DK for an honest review. The opinions are my own.