Wanted: Ms Jagged Jaws for using shady methods to get her dinner and evading a criminal trial; Slippery Slick for assault with sticky green contents of one of its three stomachs; and Bubbles for disturbing the peace by snapping her large claw and sending a bubble so powerful it can shatter glass.

These animals are just three of several creatures that are wanted for various crimes in Heather Takavec‘s Wanted! Criminals of the Animal Kingdom from Kids Can Press ($19.99).

This book is super fun. Not only do you get see the animal’s mugshot, you also get to read its rap sheet, which includes aliases, animal type, distinguishing features, what it’s know to eat, its lifespan and sightings (where it lives), but you also hear about the witnesses that were the creature’s victims, its previous arrests and gang name. There is also a FYI, which shares more interesting facts about the animals.

The book is funny, with some really interesting facts about the wanted animal in question. The Phony Caponey, who is wanted for mischief, sees the fruit he wants, yells “danger” and once all the other monkeys leave, this guy swoops in and gets the best fruit for himself. The creature has been arrested before, but each time officers go to lock him up he “points and hollers ‘Thief’” sending them on a wild goose chase.

There are a number of creatures I have heard about before, including my favourite, the Anglerfish (Ms Jagged Jaws) as well as the Frogsicle, the wood frog that literally stops its heart and freezes solid, only to unfreeze come spring. As a note, the witness in this case was a “traumatized raccoon whose frozen dinner came back to life.”

There were also some creatures I haven’t heard of before including Lightfingers, a blue bird wanted for theft. During mating season, this bird will steal a variety of blue items to create a dance stage called a bower to impress the ladies. Interesting.

I love how this book was laid out with “evidence” pictures, top secret case files and information written on lined paper. There is lots to learn about the Criminals of the Animal Kingdom and it’s super fun to learn it.

A copy of this book was provided by Kids Can Press
for an honest review. The opinion are my own.