If the characters in Alexandra Potter‘s confessions of a forty-something f##k up are any indication, many people in this age group don’t have it as together as they dreamed when they weren’t 40something.

Nell Steven’s life is a mess. She moves back to London, England, to start over again after her California business fails, along with her life with her fiance. The problem is her lifelong friends have moved on – the are all happily married with children, while Nell is alone, forced to rent a room in a stranger’s home due to sky-high rents.

“…In a world of perfect Instagram lives, she feels like a f*ck up. Even worse, a 40something f*ck-up.”

“But when she lands a job writing obituaries, Nell meets the fabulous Cricket, an 80something widow with challenges of her own, and they strike up an unlikely friendship. Together they begin to help each other heal their aching hearts, cope with the loss of the lives they had planned, and push each other into new adventures and unexpected joys.”

I liked Nell, but I loved Cricket. What an amazing character with so much love and knowledge she so willingly shares. Cricket is one of those people you hope to meet because your life gets infinitely better with her in it. Cricket needs her own book so we can read more about her.

There were some truly laugh-out-loud moments (people stared) and I finished the book in a day.

There are very few people whose lives turn out exactly as they planned. In this book, Potter shows that most people are exactly like Nell – worried they messed up, concerned they aren’t where they should be, but trying as hard as they can to live their life their way.

This was a super enjoyable read that would be perfect for the beach – you know, if you could access one.

confessions of a forty-something f##k up by Alexandra Potter is $29.99 (PGC Books, Pan MacMillan ).

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NOTE: Canadians you are in luck. I thought the publishing deadline was pushed back, but in Canada, this book came out July 2.