The Last Lie by Patricia Forde is the second and final book of the duology started with The List.

So if you haven’t read The List, don’t read this review.

The Last Lie continues shortly after The List ended – John Noa is dead, but his partner Amelia has become an even more dangerous foe – destroying Tin Town and killing everyone who doesn’t agree to the list of 500 words that can only be spoken in the Ark.

Letta, the wordsmith, and the other rebels, intent on bringing language, art, creativity and thinking back to their home, are working to destroy the evil that has them held captive “before they lose the very thing that will set them free.”

I read The List and The Last Lie back to back, finishing The Last Lie within a few days. I then read it to my 11 year old, who offered insights and comments that made my heart sing.

Both of us enjoyed the continuation of Letta, Marlo and their friends’ stories and we were glad to see the return of Edgeware, a healer we met in the first book. The new characters were interesting, although not all were my type of people; I feel I align more with Finn then Rosco, in the way we act and the choices we make.

The new evil we see is just that. It’s always disturbing what lengths some people will do for the “greater good.”

The Last Lie, which costs $24.99, comes out in August from Raincoast Books and Sourcebooks .

A copy of The Last Lie was provided by Raincoast Books
for an honest review. The opinions are my own.