Confession: I don’t think I will ever follow a keto diet.

Confession 2: I needed to have DK‘s Keto Sweet Tooth Cookbook ($25.99) by Aaron Day (no relation) because it had chocolate cookies on the front and it’s a cookbook filled with dessert.

How can you go wrong with a cookbook full of dessert?
That’s not a real question because you can’t.

The first few pages are packed with information, which I love in a cookbook. I read all about how keto works; using nut flours (and more importantly how you can use them basically in a 1:1 ratio with whole wheat flour); binding agents; and sweeteners.

The idea of creating delicious desserts that are lower in carbs and sugar is appealing. But I don’t have almond meal or erythritol, “a sugar alcohol believe to be the only sugar alcohol that does not have an impact on blood sugar levels” in my pantry, so I used what I had – flour and sugar.

The two recipes I have tried so far – snickerdoodles and Flourless Chocolate Cake – were delicious, albeit a bit too sweet for me. I had used the sugar in a 1:1 ratio but, going forward, I may cut the sugar back or attempt to find erythritol.

There are lots of delicious sounding recipes in this cookbook with categories including puddings and custards, confections and fat bombs, frozen desserts and cookies, among others.

DK’s Keto Sweet Tooth Cookbook provides every recipe you have ever wanted to create, but made gluten and sugar free. Each recipe offers some basic information, a tip and nutritional information. Not all recipes come with pictures, unfortunately, but those that do look delicious.

I want to try so many of these recipes from Lemon “Sugar” Cookies to Chocolate Coconut Bounty Bars and peppermint patties. Yummy. I am looking forward to creating more recipes from this cookbook and expanding my sweet tooth horizons.

A copy of DK’s Keto Sweet Tooth Cookbook’s was provided by DK for an honest review. The opinions are my own. You can purchase this book from