I am never going to be a full-time vegetarian. However, I like the idea of eating less meat. And that is always as far as I got – I thought about it, but it has stayed an idea in my mind.

Today that is changing (well, not today, obviously, but this week). I received a copy of DK‘s the vegetarian cookbook ($21.99), which features 50 recipes for young cooks. And it was after flipping through this cookbook, and adding groceries to my online order, I realized why vegetarianism has stopped me and why this cookbook is going to help me succeed in my eat-less-meat goal.

The recipes are for kids. So the recipes are easy to make, use ingredients that, for the most part, I have or can easily get and offer step-by-step instructions (with pictures) that are easy to follow and, most importantly, short.

I am not going to spend hours in the kitchen for these recipes, which makes this one of my new favourite cookbooks. (As a note, the cookbook also has a picture of each completed dish, a must in my view, plus tips and tricks to change up the dish. As it is a kids’ book, this cookbook also provides information about eating healthy; nutritional information on fruit and vegetables; different ways to eat starches and dairy; and a listing of flavouring and what they do in a dish. It also lists the variety of sources of proteins including almonds, chickpeas and lentils, among others).

I am looking forward to making veggie gyozas, or Japanese dumplings (love dumplings) and I am definitely am going to try making lentil dhal and paratha bread – mainly for the bread. The vegetable pot roast looks amazing.

There is only one recipe in this book that I wouldn’t try and that is not because it doesn’t sound delicious, but because avocados make my physically sick – even ones that have been turned into ice cream.

The cookbook offers a variety of recipes under the categories of best breakfasts, lovely lunches, enticing entrees and sweet stuff, among others.

I am looking forward to my grocery order Friday so I can start cooking up some new favourites.

A copy of the vegetarian cookbook book was provided by DK for an honest review.
You can purchase this book from Amazon. The opinions are my own.