If you are looking for a book to escape into The Hidden Beach, the latest book by Karen Swan, is a great one.

I like Swan’s work. First, she impresses me. She puts out about book a year, which is impressive, and it’s always set in a place she has spent a lot of time in so it’s scenery rich. This is particularly important now as the furthest I have gotten in a while is however far a bike or my feet can take me (and six feet away from everyone else).

The Hidden Beach is set in Sweden, and I have to agree with Swan. I, too, wish summering the Swedish way was put of my upbringing.

The book begins in Stockholm where we meet Bell Everhurst, who is working as a nanny for Hanna and Max and their children, Linus, 9, and twins Elise and Tilde, 4. As Bell is attempting to get the children to school, the phone rings changing everything – Hanna’s husband has woken up from a coma he has been in for seven years, and wants his family back.

Bell helps Max and Hanna prepare for their annual summer on their tiny island in the archipelago, but soon realizes they are in a crisis that won’t go away.

“Caught in the middle, Bell tries to hold them all together, but she unwittingly becomes part of the problem. Under the midsummer sun, everything hangs in the balance – until a secret slowly emerges that will decide all their fates.”

The book was a super fast read with great main and secondary characters who are flawed, but also wonderful. I loved the ending, which I have read a couple times since. I have read a number of Swan’s book, including some of her older ones, and while I have enjoyed them all, this is one of my favourites.

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The Hidden Beach by Karen Swan is $24.99 (PGC Books, Pan Macmillan)

A copy of The Hidden Beach was provided by PGC Books for an honest review.
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