Since I am not on a cruise in the Bahamas right now, I am turning my mind to spring and gardening.

And I am pretty excited about this year’s possibilities thanks to DK Let’s Get Gardening 30 easy gardening projects for children ($18.99).

I have a lot of trees so therefore I do not have the direct sunlight most vegetables need to grow. I also don’t have the skill to build boxes nor the space to put them so I loved the ideas, presented in the book, of gardens planted in other things such as burlap sacks, buckets and boots.

I have had a traditional garden off and on in both my childhood and adult homes, and I didn’t realize you could plant pumpkins, zucchini and other vegetables in pots. I will say the problem with pots, particularly the terracotta kind, is they dry out faster so I actually have to remember to water these vegetables. I have been known to kill a plant or two.

Let’s Get Gardening offers information about plants and gardening in general (what plants need, gardening tools).

The book provides a list of things you need to grow potatoes, for example, then offers step-by-step instructions (with pictures of all the steps) on how to grow the vegetable from seed to harvest.

The book also offers tips on how to create a wildlife garden from a ladybug home to a owl nesting boot. Kids can make a bird bath or feeder, a container pond and more. There are lots of pictures including of children creating the projects, and instructions are short and easy to follow.

The book also offers some plant highlights including those to include in a pond or for a fragrant garden. Kids can also learn what types of flowers pollinators enjoy.

I am looking forward to creating a mini nature preserve and mini greenhouses, and I am excited to try to see if I can get an owl to nest in our trees.

Happy gardening. Stay safe.

A copy of this book was provided by DK for an honest review. The opinions are my own.