Write faster, Julia Nobel, we need to read Book 3

Julia Nobel‘s The Secret of White Stone Gate put my 11 year old into his first book slump.

We finished the second middle grade book ($12.99, Raincoast Books, Sourcebooks) in the series (first book is called The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane) Friday night. Saturday night I began a new book and he stopped me saying it wanted to read the other one. When I told him it was finished, his response was: “That was it? That was SO fast.”

He is right. I think we finished the book, which continues the story of Emma, Lola and Jack and a secret society, within a week.

My son was hooked on the book based in a U.K. Private school called Wellsworth by Chapter 4. (He is also now thinking he would like to go to boarding school. Thanks Julia Nobel.) It was a fast read, mainly because he kept asking for one more chapter and as no book seems to hold his attention as of late, I was happy to give him another chapter or two.

There was lots of mystery, adventure and figuring out puzzles in this book. And then there was the constant guessing about who Emma and her friends could trust and who they couldn’t. While we both guessed, we didn’t didn’t understand the reason and it was fun listening to my guy’s opinion on the rights and wrongs of the situation, and the understanding of why it may have happened.

I interviewed Nobel about The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane (read it here) but I couldn’t remember how many books are in this series. My guy will be happy to know that the trios adventures will continue in another three books. Write faster, Julia Nobel.

A copy of this book was provided by Raincoast Books for an honest review.
The opinions are my own.