I love Halloween, but once Nov. 1 comes it’s time to think Christmas.

Here are two Christmas picture books that will help you celebrate this time of the year.

Nutcracker Night

I was expecting Mireille Messier’s Nutcracker Night ($22.95, Pajama Press) to be a retelling of the famous ballet that comes to the stage every holiday season. Instead this beautifully illustrated book by Gabrielle Grimard are all the sounds a little girl hears as she attends the ballet with her dad.

We hear the swish, swish of the little girl’s frilly dress and the chitter, chatter of the crowd. There are the sounds of the orchestra tuning up and the noises the characters make as the nutcracker breaks, the girl cries and the godfather fixes the toy. The clock chimes and the ballet continues.

I haven’t had the privilege to attend a performance of the Nutcracker, but based on this book, I can imagine how beautiful it is.

Front cover image of One Wild Christmas with Bear, Moose and Beaver airbourne one a red toboggan
We get to meet Bear, Moose and Beaver in )ne Wild Christmas by Nicholas Oldland.

One Wild Christmas

In One Wild Christmas by Nicholas Oldland ($17.99, Kids Can Press) we again meet Bear, Moose and Beaver who love Christmas, but realize after they forgot the most important decoration – the tree.

The three friends go to the woods to find the perfect tree, but when they do, Bear, who loves all wild things, refuses to let his friends cut it down.

“How could they possible enjoy Christmas without a Christmas tree?”

I like Bear, Moose and Beaver. They are a funny cast of characters who love each other, but who are competitive, although in this case, Bear is bigger.

I like how Bear comes up with a solution – both to keep his friends from cutting down the tree and how the can celebrate Christmas.

I love the illustrations, too. They remind me of Hatley gear.

A copy of these books were provided by Pajama Press and Kids Can Press
for an honest review. The opinions are my own.