The Binkerton twins – Josh and Emma – as their little sister Libby decide to go to Good Times Travel Agency to ask Mr. Pettigrew to send then to the next Olympic Games. Mr. Pettigrew grants the kids their wish, although instead of sending them forward, he sends them to the Games of the past, where women aren’t allowed to attend and men compete completely naked. Yikes!

This begins Game On in Ancient Greece by Linda Bailey and illustrated by Bill Slavin ($12.99, Kids Can Press), a series of books that includes Ancient Egypt and Ancient China. Game On follows the Blinkerton kids as they explore Ancient Greece, following tips provided in the guidebook, which they must finish before being transported home.

I really like this book series, which offers a fictional story following the children’s adventures in Ancient Greece, created in a graphic novel style, and then factual information about the time they are in through the guidebook at the bottom of the pages.

The kids arrive in Ancient Greece literally in the middle of the battle, which, according to Mr. Pettigrew’s guidebook, is common for the Fifth Century BCE as several hundred city-states fight over farmland. Luckily for the kids, a truce is called right before they are speared. The truce will stand until the Olympic Games are over. The Blinkertons and everyone else head toward Athens where they get to experience the culture of Ancient Greece.

As usual, Libby gets herself, and therefore her siblings, into a lot of trouble while we get to learn about the Olympic Games and Ancient Greece.

This Kids Can Press series is a fun way to learn history.

A copy of this book was provided by Kids Can Press for an honest review.
The opinions are my own.