“Why, when you’re doing boring things, does time go slowly…and why, when you’re doing something fun, does time go so fast?”

It’s a good question, and one that comes up often in my house. And now, thanks to DK‘s Ask a Scientist, Prof. Robert Winston answers 100 big questions from kids around the world ($21.99), I have an answer.

It’s one’s perception of time that makes time seem to go faster when your brain is actively enjoying something. Winston uses the example of eating an ice cream:

“If time would only stand still when we are eating an ice pop – but time and temperature make certain that your ice pop melts at a constant rate.”

I love the questions posed by the children – they are interesting and I, too, wanted to know the answer to “Why does my brother smell when he exercises?” and “Why does chocolate taste so good?”

I also love the answers, written in a way that makes the science behind the answers interesting and informative and often funny. Depending on the age of the brother, there are more than 40 trillion bacteria cells living inside or on his body.

“Try to get your brother to use soap when he showers. If he won’t, chase him into the yard after he exercises and hose him down.”

Good stuff.

There is lots of information in this book, a mix of illustrations and graphics and bits of information to further describe “Why freckles come in dots on your face.”

Time moved fast as I was reading this book. It was enjoyable to my brain.

A copy of this book was provided by DK for an honest review. The opinions are my own.