I really like Lonely Planet Kids The Daredevil’s Guides.

In the guide to Outer Space by Anna Brett ($18.99, Raincoast Books), astronauts Eddie and Junko board their space mobile and head out of Earth’s several layers of atmosphere, stopping to visit the moon and other parts of our solar system and beyond.

The book is a mix of real images from space (beautiful) along with illustrations by Mike Jacobsen. I particularly liked the clothes drying on a clothesline draped on the outside of the International Space Station and pour Teddy being spaghettified as the bear is pulled into a black hole.

Each stop – from Mars to the Asteroid belt has information about what the pair know about the place they are visiting along with observations they are making while on the surface of an exoplanet, a planet that is orbiting a star outside of our solar system. There are also stats such as size, distance from Earth and length of year in Earth years.

Like all things space, some of the information in this book blows my mind in terms of scope, size and distance. Space is amazing.

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A copy of this book was provided by Raincoast Books for an honest review.
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