I often stop reading these types of books. I do like a good page turner, but it’s the “chilling details” as author Lisa Gardner calls it in her review, that leaves me closing the book and not picking it back up again.

But for whatever reason, despite the horrific details of Jar of Hearts by Toronto author Jennifer Hillier ($33.99, Raincoast Books, St. Martins Press), not only did I read continue reading it, but I read it in a day.

I liked it. It was a fast read. I was interested in the characters and what happened to make Georgina Shaw not tell the police, family and friends that she knew what happened to her best friend Angela Wong for the 14 years she was missing. The characters – at least not the psychopathic ones – were likeable and real (perhaps the psychopathic ones were realistic, too, but that thought is super disturbing) and I was really interested in learning about them and learning about them as young adults 14 years before.

I also agreed Joseph Finder‘s review that Jar of Hearts “Locks you in on the first page and astonish to the last.” I never guessed what was going to happen or what happened all those years ago. And I couldn’t imagine being Georgina, or Geo, as she is known to her friends.

It was truly the “gritty” details, what happens to get to the end that was most disturbing.

A copy of this book was provided by Raincoast Books for an honest review.
The opinions are my own.