I cheated. A lot. In fact, I may have cheated more than I actually tried.

DK’s Knowledge Genius ($25.99) gives you a lot of information about a topic, such as elements or fish, for example, then gives you a two-page quiz where you will see a picture of a fish with a description:

“This scaly fish was believed to have become extinct more than 65 million years ago, but was found to be alive in 1938”.

You then have to use the key: Starter, Challenger or Genius to match the description with the name provided.

Sometimes I guessed, often I flipped the book upside down and read the answers because I just wanted to know that the creature that grows up to six and a half feet is Coelacanth. I did not know that. It’s a really ugly fish. I did really well on the microscopic body parts quiz although I confess I am still grossed out by the eyelash mite, a creepy crawly that is about 1/100 of an inch long and which some of us have, but others don’t but you don’t actually know, which makes it exceptionally disgusting. The microscopic picture of blood cells are really cool though.

Also in the disgusting section was a bigger picture than I would ever need to see of a millipede and other creepy crawlies including spiders and scorpions. Fascinating, but yuck. From weather to history, space and geography, there is so much interesting information in this book.

I feel there may be a lot of cheating going on in my future, but I am good with it.

A copy of this book was provided by DK for an honest review. The opinions are my own.