While I love to travel in Europe and in the dead of winter any guaranteed tropical vacation is fabulous, when it comes to summer vacation, my mind always turns to Canadian destinations first. While there are a whole lot of amazing locations south of the border – and one day I may get to see them – there are equally as many great places in Canada that still need to be explored.

And thanks to Firefly Books, I may have 110 new destinations to explore in our middle provinces.

110 Nature Hot Spots in Manitoba and Saskatchewan The Best Parks, Conservation Areas and Wild Places by Jenn Smith Nelson and Doug O’Neill ($29.95, Firefly Books) follows the same format as 100 Nature Hot Spots in Ontario in that each double page spread offers some information about the natural spot, what makes it hot (along with details about how to find it and what you can do there from hiking to horseback riding and snowmobiling) and some truly beautiful pictures.

I don’t mind snakes, particularly harmless ones, by the picture of dozens of snakes at the Narcisse Snake Dens in Manitoba is rather…freaky. But the fact that in the spring and fall you can see more than 50,000 snakes is pretty fantastic. And a mating ball? I had never heard about it before. According to the book, one female snake is surrounded by 100 males. Interesting.

Pimachiowin Aki UNESCO World Heritage Site sounds beautiful. It is the first mixed cultural and natural World Heritage site in Canada and you can find one of the largest herds of woodland caribou in the area that is almost the size of Vancouver Island.

From First Nations pictographs to birder paradises and the coldest and deepest waters in Manitoba, there are about 110 new places I have added to my to-see list.

A copy of this book was provided by Firefly Books for an honest review.
The opinions are my own.