I love the concept of The Traveling Dustball, Big Words small stories by Judith Henderson ($14.99, Kids Can Press).

Davey is a little boy who likes to travel. His dog, Abigail, not so much (love Abigail, the sarcastic dog with a bad attitude, which makes me laugh). The Sprinkle Fairy has a word factor in Sicily where “the best words in the world come from” (of course). The Sprinklers let us know when big words are about to be used.

Davey and Abigail travel the world on a big dustball, which is funny and gross at the same time. Through the book, which has little illustrations sprinkled throughout the page, we learn such words as irksome (Abigail is often irked. Love that word and the fact Abigail looks irked) and lollygagging (with a handy pronunciation guide).

At the end of the small stories (there are six plus a chapter titled A Small Play on Big Words), Henderson offers the definition of the word used in the story.

The book is fun. I like the illustrations, particularly Abigail. And I love the way the story is presented. And I love how annoyed Abigail is throughout the book. I also love the big word choices. How often do you get to use words such as brouhaha and collywobbles?

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A copy of The Traveling Dustball was provided by Kids Can Press for an honest review.
The opinions are my own.