I am a big fan of activity books and games. When packing for a car trip – anything more than a hour, which is most places where I live – I pack up a box of stuff for my guy so there shouldn’t be a need for technology.

I usually pack a box of Lego, some notebook and markers and an activity book or two. On last year’s trip to Vancouver, which included a five-hour plane ride, I also packed Lonely Planet Kids Sticker World Amusement Park, which he loved.

So I was pretty excited – as was he – when we received three more Sticker World books from Raincoast Books – Castle, Restore Your Very Own Castle; Farm, Creature Your Very Own Farm (which is actually a dream); and Airport, Create Your Very Own Airport, which would have been handy last year ($9.99). The books are written by Kait Eaton and illustrated by Aviel Basil

Each glossy book contains 500 stickers, which can be used in various locations throughout the book. There are also places to doodle (add ingredients to a cauldron to feed the caste’s inhabitants; create a scarecrow; and design your own airplane) or simply colour the picture. With a set of markers, you are good to go.

Just note, my biggest complaint is actually the glossy paper – markers smudge.

Just Between Us, Conversation Cards for the Whole Family

In addition to activity books and games, we also like to play 10 Questions (often going beyond animal, vegetable or location. We usually add Harry Potter movies to the mix) and What If (or would you rather). I also like conversation starters as it offers a glimpse into what my guy is thinking or how he thinks, which is also quite interesting.

Just Between Us, Conversation Cards for the Whole Family by Meredith and Sofie Jacobs (Raincoast Books, Chronicle Kids) are brightly coloured cards that offer questions such as What is Your Favourite Place or What Makes you Happy? My son wants three superpowers including going through walls and moving things with his mind. We also added teleportation as it would be so much easier – and more environmentally friendly – to get to places.

I look forward to hearing What’s the most difficult decision he has ever had to make and his favourite memory of us. Of course, coming up with a secret handshake might be fun, too. Actually, I think I am going to put that one at the topic of the box.

Dino Domino

Dino Domino ($10.48, Raincoast Books, Magma for Laurence King) are brightly coloured thin cardboard stock dominoes. Thankfully, when you pull the dominoes out of the box, there is a handy label that tells you the featured dinosaur names because other than the main ones, I don’t actually know dinosaurs (my son wasn’t interested in dinosaurs until he was older. Whew).

The Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Ankylosaurus are my favourite – they are super cute in these illustrations – the other four – the Vulcanodon, Microraptor, Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor look rather evil so I am assuming they are all meat eaters . The box also includes instructions on how to play the game.

The dominoes are cute. They would be great fun for little people who love dinosaurs. My only “problem” with them is the fact I use dominoes for more than just playing the game – I like dominoes that stand so I can create long patterns, which is deeply satisfying when you knock down the last one to see as they tumble like, well, dominoes.

A copy of this books and activities were provided by Raincoast Books for an honest review. The opinions are my own.