I confess, it was the page titled Domino Run that made my 10-year-old son stop what he was doing and peek through DK’s Craft Science by Jane Bull ($16.99) book.

We are huge fans of marble runs. We currently have two – a plastic and a wood one. We have also made our own, using paper towel rolls and whatever else was lying around the house, which is likely why my guy was instantly interested in these pages.

Using a variety of toys – blocks, people, trains, cars – you can learn the science behind a chain reaction or simply just watch as everything falls down spectacularly.

There are tons of other fun ideas in this book including ice lanterns, which we can still – unfortunately – make by putting water outside in a variety of containers. I love the idea of using berries and greenery to make what looks like a very pretty lantern.

There are so many fun looking experiments and crafts in this book including Miracle Butterflies, paper butterflies that look like they are floating, and Powerful Potions, bubbling liquids and inflating balloons – always a hit at my house.

Each idea comes with easy-to-follow instructions, often multiple ideas using the same science principal as well as an explanation of the science behind the craft from invisible force fields (mysterious metal) to the science of yeast (whole grain bread).

I love the fact there are a number of recipes in this book including popcorn, lemonade and meringue mountains.

I look forward to trying a craft or two, and maybe some chocolate chip cookies, during March Break next week.

A copy of this book was provided by DK for an honest review. The opinions are my own.