If you are going to read Klawde Evil Alien Warlord Cat to your child, you should let them know when one chapter ends and another begins.

That is because each chapter is told from either the perspective of Klawde – as the title suggests, an evil alien warlord cat who is exiled from planet Lyttyrboks (according to Klawde, we don’t pronounce it correctly) to Earth because, well, he is an evil warlord – and Raj, who used to live in a cool apartment in Brooklyn, but now lives in Elba, Oregon, home of the Mount Eclipse survival camp for kids who actually like nature.

(“Back home, the closest I ever got to nature was when I watched pigeons fighting over pizza crusts on the sidewalk. Living here was terrifying.)

Life is miserable for Raj until Klawde shows up on his doorstep. Convincing his mom to allow him to keep the cat, Raj finally finds a friend in Klawde, who at first asks the humans to help him (“According to the ancient histories, Humans were ugly, brutal and stupid.”) then uses them to reach his ultimate goal – to build a teleporter so he can get off this horrific, primitive planet where he has to – shudder – lick himself in parts that shouldn’t be licked in public.

While Klawde is an alien warlord who finds Earth’s cats as stupid as their Humans, he is still cat and there are many catisms that will make you laugh (including a laugh-out-loud moment involving Klawde’s first experience with catnip) or prove to the haters that cats really are evil.

Klawde Evil Alien Warlord Cat is by Johnny Marciano and Emily Chenoweth ($19.99, Penguin Canada).

A copy of this book was provided by Penguin Random House Canada for an honest review. The opinions are my own.

Note: I actually do like cats, but they can be quite evil.