If author/illustrator’s Frank Cammuso’s Dark Creatures, found in Edison Beaker’s Creature Seeker The Night Door ($14.99, Viking, Penguin Random House), came out from the Underwear, I am not sure I would be that upset – they are adorable looking, even the unpleasant ruler Baron Umbra.

And I while I am sure they are evil, they don’t appear to be that bright, although they are funny and offer a fair bit of action.

Edison Beaker’s Creature Seeker The Night Door is a graphic novel for kids eight to 12, which made it a fast and enjoyable read for me. I liked the graphic novel, which had a fair bit of humour – including the kids laughing hysterically every time the Baron Umbra mentioned the Underwear and the name of Tesla’s hamster, Scuttlebutt, who gets the pair into all sorts of trouble.

Edison and Tesla find out what the family pest-control business is about – hunting monsters rather than rats and creepy crawlies. They go into the Underwear because Scuttlebutt rolls away (he is a hamster in a wheel after all) where they accidently steal the keystone, which locks the door to the Underwear so the Dark Creatures can’t escape in rule our world. Edison must free his family and ensure the keystone is in place before day breaks in order to keep the Night Creatures from coming into our world forever.

Action, adventure and a whole lot of fun in this graphic novel.

Graphic novel of weird looking cave people with other cave people bowing before them.
Caveboy Dave is by Aaron Reynolds.

Caveboy Dave by Aaron Reynolds ($17.99, Viking, Penguin Random House) is also a graphic novel for eight to 12 year olds. I couldn’t really get into this one myself.