Happy New Year, albeit a bit late seeing as we are now half way through this first month of 2019.

Regardless, the wishes are the same. And with the new year are some new picture books you can enjoy with the little people in your life.

Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug

Tiny wants to make his friend Pointy happy by giving him a hug. But there is a problem – Tiny is a T-Rex and therefore has tiny arms, impossible for hugging. So he goes on a mission to learn how he can solve the problem and give his friend, who is sad, a hug. He goes to his father who suggests rexes are thinkers, not huggers and says math is the answer. I must agree with Tiny that math will only make Pointy feel worse. His aunt says balance and says freshly squeezed cucumber juice is the answer, which Tiny suggests is disgusting and goes to see his mother. The story continues as Tiny does everything he can to learn how to hug.

This is my favourite story of the bunch. The illustrations are cute, Tiny is adorable, funny, kind and makes some valid points. I would imagine this is a book you could read to your child over and over and both she and you won’t get tired of it.

Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug is by Jonathan Stutzman ($22.99, Raincoast Books, Chronicle Kids). It comes out March 5. 

Black beaor with a red sweater looks down a little boy in a bear suit and bear ears.
Archie is a bear, but bear is a boy and both love honey sandwiches and doing things together.

Archie and the Bear

Archie is a bear, not a boy dressed in a bear suit as everyone keeps suggesting. One day Archie gets tired of people not seeing him as he is and runs away to the forest where he meets a bear, dressed in a boy suit. When Archie tells the bear he likes his boy suit, the bear growls and tells him he is not bear, but a boy. Archie, who doesn’t believe the bear, doesn’t say anything but instead offers the bear a honey sandwich. The boy who is a bear and the bear who is a boy spend the day together until both bear and boy are shivering and go home to honey sandwiches.

I confess I didn’t love this book. It was OK, but it’s not my favourite. I didn’t like the illustrations, particularly Archie who you could argue doesn’t look like a boy and seems really tiny even if he is next to a bear. Is there a message in there? Perhaps it is just liking your friends for who they are and being true to yourself.

Archie and the Bear is by Zanni Louise ($25.90, Raincoast Books, Clarion Books).

A variety of birds of different colours grouped together in this sticker/activity book about birds around the world.
The books, which come in a variety of titles, offer stickers, information, activities such as colouring, and a quiz.

My Nature Sticker Activity Book

I received five of Olivia Cosneau‘s My Nature Sticker Activity Books ($10.99, Raincoast Books, Princeton Architectural Press) including In the Ocean; In the Forest; Birds of the World (my favourite); Animals of the Savanna; and Garden Insects and Bugs (yuck. Just can’t appreciate bugs). Each of the books offer more than 100 stickers, activities such as colouring the rest of the “beautiful” beetles or adding an oxpecker sticker to the neck of the giraffe. A quiz on the last page of each book tests whether you paid attention to all the information throughout the book, with answers at the bottom in case you weren’t.

A copy of these books were provided by Raincoast Books
for honest review. The opinions are my own.