Allan Karlsson is a great character.

And it’s Allan and his very important moments history that we learn about throughout The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window and Disappeared (Jonas Jonassoon).

In fact, Allan climbs out his bedroom window at the Old Folks Home on his 100th birthday, wearing only his bedroom slippers and just before his party featuring the mayor and other important people. Allan shuffles to the bus station, comes across an unpleasant young man, but for whom Allan pays no mind except for stealing his suitcase, boarding a bus and disappearing. The young man is a gang member who vows to kill Allan and retrieve his suitcase full of money. At the same time, the Old Folks home discovers Allan is missing and calls the police, who issues a missing persons report and sets up a manhunt to find him.

In between laugh-out-loud chapters about Allan’s adventures, including a host of exceptionally interesting secondary characters, each of whom have a great story, we learn about Allan’s past and the how the world is what it is because of this simple, but intelligent man from Sweden, who is happy to share his knowledge about explosives as long as there is plenty of vodka.

Apparently Maclean’s Magazine called this a must-read book in 2014. My aunt and uncle, who gave it to me for my birthday, agreed. And I, too, will pass along that advice. The book was funny and I love how all these important moments of time were because of Allan.

There is a movie based on the book. I was wondering how they could do it, but if you watch the trailer it looks like it does: