I seemed to be reading a lot about Anne Frank these days, this time through DK Life Stories (Anne Frank) by Stephen Krensky ($7.99).

Anne’s story has stayed with me since the first time I opened what we now know was her edited diary when I was a new teen – quite a few years ago.

This book, aimed at children, offers 12 chapters including Anne’s noisy arrival (she had colic) to the Frank family moving from Germany to Amsterdam to keeping hope alive, time running around and Anne’s legacy.

There are photos I don’t think I have seen before, not just of Anne, but of the important people in their lives including those who helped the Franks disappear.

The book does a great job of explaining – if that is possible – why Jewish people were targeted and how Hitler rose to power so quickly. It also talked about how people, particularly those of the Jewish faith, didn’t think it could get any worse, which of course it did.

The book is perfect for kids who may just be learning about the Holocaust to read about Anne and her family and the other families who tried to hide their existence from the Nazis. It was a quick read and provided lots of information. I learned more things about the Frank family including the fact that Margot also wrote a diary during that time, but it was lost and how the Franks weren’t actually that religious.

And while I knew this, for some reason it resonates with me more now. Of the eight people who lived in the Annex, only one person survived: Anne’s dad Otto. Imagine the pain that man must have been in for the rest of his life and the bravery and courage he showed by fighting to have Anne’s journal published.

Anne’s story is such a powerful one. In the book we learned that Anne wanted to be a journalist when the war ended. We also read her the words she wrote shortly before she was captured: “I want to go on living even after my death.” As noted in the book, Anne was successful in that as her story continues to be told and people remember her and the courage and bravery she shown.

A copy of this book was provided by DK books for an honest review.
The opinions are my own.